Who We Are?
Mcqueens Digital is a digital marketing agency with a strong heritage in search that builds Connected Brands. Connected brands are those that are emotionally and digitally connected to their customers. These connections increase customer loyalty and value, and improve acquisition.

We Believe in Doing The Right Thing
We’re technology and media agnostic, so we don’t act partisan and we don’t play politics. What we do do, is think about growing revenue, look at the data, understand the problem, and fix the things that will make a difference. We won’t spend your money where we get the commission, we won’t push services that don’t address the issue and we’ll stand up for what needs to be done.

We Make It Happen
Skills are everywhere these days. But the desire to create change, the ability to drive lasting improvements and strength to stay on course and pipe up when things aren’t moving aren’t skills you learn. So we recruit for attitude as well as skill to ensure that a client’s team is more than a collection of skilled people. It’s a team of rainmakers.

Our Team
The people here are what make Sequence what it is. We don’t share all of the same interests, but the one thing we do all have in common is the dedication to doing a really great job on our projects. Our team is made up of everyone from designers to developers to project managers, and each department is full of clever talented people who love to stretch themselves to make kick-ass stuff.


Director: Shahid Rasool (IT Project Manager)

Why Choose Mcqueen's Digital ?

Our focus is on Local Search Engine Marketing for your business.

Every day we hear from clients who have been burned with the “Local Seo Gurus” who did nothing other than take the money and run, over promising under delivering. British SEO was formed with the sole purpose on building business for small local businesses throughout the United Kingdom, we don’t have to tell tall tales about what we can do, and the name BRITISH SEO says all we need to say.

Mcqueens Digital deliver a fantastic return on Investment every time.

And the cut throat world of Internet Marketing results are all that matters, this is why we have invested heavily in the best offices, the best workforce, and the best technology solutions to ensure each and every campaign is a success from start to finish and beyond. British SEO will deliver a bespoke campaign perfectly tailored to your market needs to ensure the maximum performance and results, much like football results are all that matters. Do yourself a favour join the winning team today.

We have all your Web Marketing requirements covered in one place.

Mcqueen’s Digital is your one stop shop for all your Internet Marketing needs, our team of highly trained specialist will work with you every step of the way to deliver the results that matter from our range of service offerings. We like to think of ourselves as the Turnkey operation providing the tools and expertise to grow your business, we have whatever you need under one roof. So if you’re ready to dominate the search engines come and join us today.

We are a Company you can count on.

Local Seo is what we do each and every day for companies throughout the United Kingdom, from our humble beginnings in shared workspace in East London we have matured into an ever expanding company with presence in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh employing over 100 people. We work with only industry leaders in the fields of search marketing and technology, names you can trust and rely on, and we don’t stop there, British SEO is continually investing in recruiting the best workforce, and all always on the lookout for the latest trends, all with the soul aim of providing you with more local customers for your business campaigns.

Web Accessibility Audit

Contrary to many people’s opinion, search engine optimization entails much more than simply placing some keywords in a site’s content. Search engines rate sites on many factors pertaining to the site’s content and quality. Making sure your site is optimized in the best possible manner to reach as many people as easily as possible is the purpose of the web accessibility audit. The audit will identify important elements of your site that might require work to maximize the effect of a thorough SEO campaign.

The first thing we will do is thoroughly evaluate your site’s HTML and CSS code to ensure that it meets the rigorous standards of the World Wide Web Consortium, the authority on web standards. Violations of the W3C guidelines can cause your site to incur a penalty. The factors we use to judge whether certain elements will penalize a site are based off the opinions and knowledge of industry experts as well as our own extensive experience.

Another assessment deals with making sure the site is designed in a manner that makes it as easy as possible for people to access its content. This might include steps to make the content accessible to hearing and vision impairments and mobility issues. Search engines give points to sites that cater to the widest possible range of visitors.

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