Who We Are?

Mcqueens Digital is a digital marketing agency with a strong heritage in search that builds Connected Brands. Connected brands are those that are emotionally and digitally connected to their customers. These connections increase customer loyalty and value, and improve acquisition.

We Believe in Doing The Right Thing
We’re technology and media agnostic, so we don’t act partisan and we don’t play politics. What we do do, is think about growing revenue, look at the data, understand the problem, and fix the things that will make a difference. We won’t spend your money where we get the commission, we won’t push services that don’t address the issue and we’ll stand up for what needs to be done.

We Make It Happen
Skills are everywhere these days. But the desire to create change, the ability to drive lasting improvements and strength to stay on course and pipe up when things aren’t moving aren’t skills you learn. So we recruit for attitude as well as skill to ensure that a client’s team is more than a collection of skilled people. It’s a team of rainmakers.


Our Mission? It’s simple – To help business owners bring their most ideal customers into their business using incredible content, delivered to the right people in a way that compels them to take action.


We’re a small but perfectly formed team of digital experts who collectively bring in over 25 years of marketing and development experience across multiple business areas. We don’t share all of the same interests, but the one thing we do all have in common is the dedication to doing a really great job on our projects. Our team is made up of everyone from designers to developers to project managers, and each department is full of clever talented people who love to stretch themselves to make kick-ass stuff.

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