Budweiser top online ad activity

Budweiser has been declared a big winner from super bowl 49 all because of a commercial known as “Lost Dog”. This has been agreed by two main services. These services track activity online surrounding the super bowl advertisements.

The ‘lost dog’ advertisement has made up a bit more than 12 percent of all online activity among Super Bowl commercials. According to iSpot.TV’s. easily beating other advertisements such as “Pay With Lovin” from McDonalds and “Like a Girl” from Always.

Incase you are wondering, we will explain how iSpotTV’s work. iSpotTV’s “online activity” statistics accumulates all possible activities across social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and iSpotTV’s website, activities such as promoting and sharing are more focused on.

On the morning of February the 2nd, “Lost Dog” was leading with around 4.2 million online views but second by nearly having 305,000 social actions, this number came from activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iSpotTV’s website. Another advertisement had round about 7,500 more social actions, but 2.6 million less online views. That ad was “Like a Girl”

The advertisement “Lost Dog” had an early release last week, took the lead and stayed in the lead overall in iSpotTV’s rankings.

‘Lost dog’ won the annual social sharing rankings from Unruly. The video ad tech company says “Lost Dog” has earned almost 2.2 million shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs — good enough to be the fourth most-shared Super Bowl ad ever. According to those numbers, that means that ‘Lost dog’ advertisement’s count is more than triple the share count of the Universal’s trailer for Fast and Furious 7 with 640,000 shares, which is the number 2 ad.

This is the third straight year that a Budweiser advertisement has won its count of the most-shared Super Bowl ads online. This was declared by Unruly.

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