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The search engine Yahoo has been aiming towards mobile. Yahoo, under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, has been making progress in building up its mobile capabilities and began reporting on mobile ad revenues separately in Q3 2014. The company will announce an overhaul of its mobile ad products at a developer conference in February according to information.

The Q3 earnings report, Yahoo displayed $1.2 billion in annual mobile revenue through 2014 and mobile earnings accounted for 17 percent of total revenue. After that the company began integrating access to inventory from Flurry. Flurry is the in-app ad network and analytics platform Yahoo acquired in July into its ad platforms which began offering app install ads across its network, through Gemini, its mobile search and native marketplace.

Yahoo will go ahead of Twitter to take third place in US mobile ad market share with 3.7 percent of an estimated $28.5 billion market in 2015. Even so that share is no where near Google’s 37 percent and Facebook’s 17.6 percent ;however it is proof of progress and increase.

The focus in coming months will be on giving advertisers more reach through bundling according to the information:

A major part of Yahoo’s mobile strategy will be selling access to bundled ad campaigns across owned and operated properties, such as verticals like Yahoo Sports, as well as non-owned mobile apps.

Currently available through Yahoo Ad Manager Plus, which encompasses. The Information reports that display, stream ads, mobile, search video and display ad inventory will be available through Gemini, which currently only offers ad targeting on Yahoo-owned and operated sites.

Yahoo says that itself as the “largest provider of video ad inventory in the industry”. What factors will Yahoo use to get more shares from Google and Facebook.

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