Gold Plating Service

Certified by Goldgenie, Gold Plating are London based top Gold Plating specialists. Using state-of-the art technology, we can plate almost anything with a metallic surface, such as photo and mirror frames, cutlery and jewellery. We can also come to your home or business and plate household items such as bathroom taps and fittings (without having to remove them or disturb surrounding areas), furniture and light fittings. If you would prefer for us to work off site, we can also collect larger items from your home or have smaller items sent back and forth by our secure courier service.

We can also create a variety of different finishes such as 24ct. Yellow Gold, Antique, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome and Nickel so you can have your items customized to your exact tastes or interior colour scheme, whether you’d like the modern edge of chrome or platinum or the opulent tradition of rich 24ct gold or the warmer tones of rose gold. Our service is suitable for private homes and individuals, hotels and businesses such as car dealerships and antique dealers. We can replenish treasured objects that have lost their shine or give surfaces a whole new look.

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