SEO Tips from Google for Start-up Websites

The owners of new websites need to apply proper search engine optimisation strategies in order to ensure that people searching for topics related with their website are able to find it. SEO can help visitors to find your website instead of your competitor websites. It can take months to achieve significant SEO results and for reason it is better to start with the optimization of your website as soon as possible.

Google offers some SEO tips for achieving the best results.

seo-imagesBecause Google is a business, it cares only about making profit for everyone. In order to keep making profit it needs to provide helpful search engine results to all the users. For this reason, your website should provide quality content that can be useful for the users. Quality content that is unique and useful for its users can help your website rank highly on the search engine results pages.

Google search engine prefers clean HTML code that it’s easy to read. Google prefers that CSS and JavaScript be placed as an external resource to make it easier for its bots to read the HTML code on your website pages. You need to get rid of any redundant code, to take the shortest programming route to the destination, and delete any unclosed tags. Short and clean HTML code is better.

In case that your website is there to provide just online tools, Google will not expect the same amount of text on your pages as for an article or blog website. However, some website owners will create website pages only to link from them and these pages have flimsy and thin content. Google discourage this method because these pages do not offer any useful content. For this reason you should be careful to add some information on each page and make use of the H tags. This way your pages are organised and user friendly. If your text is well organized then you may get away even with smaller amount of text on your website pages.

The websites you link from your website will affect your SEO and for this reason you should use only good quality outbound links. Use only links to sites related with your niche and try to use links to some authority websites in the field.

Create Good Navigation Links inside your Website

You need to make your visitors experience as smooth as possible by using good navigation links inside your website. Google search engine will crawl your website through the navigation links too. A user-friendly website is beneficial both for your users and for a better ranking in Google search engine. Your navigation links should provide short steps for finding your contact details, to complete a sale, or to register.

Get Listed on Local Directories.

You may use Yelp, Yahoo directory, Google Plus Local, local government listings and local business directories in your area in order to get your website listed locally. This way you will increase your changes that potential visitors of your website will find your web address. Having your website listed in local directories will also raise your rank in the Google search engine.


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