Yahoo share increase

Yahoo has been reported to have moved up in market shares. For some time Yahoo hasn’t been top in terms of searches. In June the market share of Yahoo fell below 10%. This has changed as, according to ComScore’s July search engine rankings, Yahoo has climbed back up.

With a 0.2% gain over the record in June, Yahoo has 10% share again however; with 1.8 billion searches in the month, Yahoo has received an increase by 3%. This is more than the record in June and shows that Yahoo is climbing up.

18 billion total searches in July has been reported by ComScore, which is also a 1& increase. It has been said that Google has 12.1 billion searches and Bing has 3.5 billion searches, which is a increase of 1% for both.

Yahoo’s increase by 3% is three times higher than the increase of both Google and Bing who have a 1% increase.

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