The series of change in mobile search results

Almost everyone has some for of mobile device. It is noticeable that Google has made multiple changes to the appearance of the search results page for users with mobile devices. Both aesthetically and technically. Trying to bring a better experience for the users. Naturally some of these changes made are more significant than others; however they work together to change the effort of search marketing.

Expandable site links was the first change introduced for mobile search listings. This feature since 2013 has been up and still running for Google’s desktop users. Now mobile users have the same enjoyment, so they can click straight to a site’s most useful related pages beneath it’s main listing.

Meaning that search marketers have to take into consideration which other landing pages on their client site should be listed and also how the search engine users might react to this. SEO campaigns have an advantage as site links bring better opportunity for users to go straight past the main ranking pages in Google’s search results, and to move into deeper links on the site that are possibly more relevant for them.

There is also a change for mobile search results in the number of PPC ads being displayed. Three ads instead of two. Right now this is only the case with some search queries but it will become standard issue soon by the looks of it.

This means that there will be more space to compete over in the results page when it comes to PPC. There will most likely be a big increase in the number of advertisers entering paid search over the coming months to take advantage of this.

The question is, whether organic search results will be able to compete for attention. Also taking into account that space in mobile listings which will soon be taken up by expandable site links. Chances are that the world of mobile search results page will be changed.

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